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Supporting a Young Mother After a Road Traffic Collision

Discover how we provided crucial support to a young mother and her family after a road traffic collision

We supported a young mother who was hit by a speeding car when out walking and sustained a head injury and orthopaedic injuries.

Her and her family were referred through the 4 Trauma 4 Patients service, as they were stretched trying to manage everything, having other children at home who needed care. We were able to provide the family with some much-needed support.

After being referred to one of our legal partners, they were able to purchase an iPad for the patient so she could continue to talk to family and friends during her stay at the hospital and avoid isolation. They also instructed a professional to assess the support the patient would need when she got home, and liaised with her parents to check their welfare and ensure support was in place for the family.

This meant a lot to the family, as they no longer felt like they had to manage everything on their own. It also meant they knew that when it was time to be discharged home, all the relevant support and help was already in place to make the transition easier.

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We provide emotional and practical support to patients and family members after traumatic trauma.

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Nobody wants to find themselves in a major trauma centre after sustaining serious injuries, but when the worst does happen, it’s important patients have a team around them to not only help them with their physical injuries and medical needs, but also to provide all round support with any issues they may be facing. 

4 Trauma 4 Patients is a partnership with the University Hospitals Charity Birmingham. This service was born out of a need to provide this practical support to patients, allowing them to concentrate on their recovery, safe in the knowledge that their worries and concerns are being taken care of.