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Supporting a Family After a Devastating Injury

Find out the help and support we provided to a father of two young children and his wife after he was hit by a car and sustained multiple injuries.

We’ve provided support to a father of two young children who was hit by a car when he was on the pavement and sustained multiple injuries, including fractures to his skull and jaw, a collapsed lung and a brain injury. His wife initially needed help from the 4 Trauma 4 Patients service, as she was struggling financially due to her husband not being able to work and having to take time off to care for him.

We provided advice and guidance to her about what grants may be available for the family, as well as signposting her to relevant welfare and benefits advice.

The family were living in a second-floor apartment whilst they were renovating a house they’d bought. The plan was for the husband to undertake a lot of the renovation work himself before the family moved in. However, because of his injuries, these plans were put on hold. Therefore, the family had to remain in the second-floor apartment which wasn’t accessible or appropriate for his needs because of his injuries.

After seeking legal advice through the 4 Trauma 4 Patients service, their solicitor was able to work collaboratively with the defendants and gathered quotes from external trade people to complete the work needed for the family to move.

This has been funded through interim payments (payments someone can receive while their case is ongoing to pay for immediate support and rehabilitation). This will allow the family to move into their home more quickly, safe in the knowledge that all the work has been completed and aids and equipment put in place to help the family.

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We provide emotional and practical support to patients and family members after traumatic trauma.

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Nobody wants to find themselves in a major trauma centre after sustaining serious injuries, but when the worst does happen, it’s important patients have a team around them to not only help them with their physical injuries and medical needs, but also to provide all round support with any issues they may be facing. 

4 Trauma 4 Patients is a partnership with the University Hospitals Charity Birmingham. This service was born out of a need to provide this practical support to patients, allowing them to concentrate on their recovery, safe in the knowledge that their worries and concerns are being taken care of.